Women’s Health Nutritionist: NDIS, Mental Health & Metabolic Balance

NDIS Nutritionist Services

NDIS and Nutritional Support

Did you know that under the NDIS you can use some of your funding to improve your daily living and/or health and wellbeing? You’ll get to widen your knowledge of what foods really fuel your body; which foods give you more energy so you can fit more into your life or which foods may help support your mood so you feel mentally stronger.

If you need to lose weight as part of your NDIS plan, nutritional support may help to improve your daily living by identify foods/drinks that are making you feel worse and stopping you from losing those extra kilos. Plus it will identify foods that will support your weight loss, and together we will work out how you can incorporate changes into your daily life.

What you eat plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of individuals like yourself with disabilities, and nutritional support should be an integral part of your overall care.  You are what you eat, as the old saying goes!

Proper nutrition is vital to maintaining good health and overall well-being for people with disabilities. Nutrition supports physical health, immune function, energy levels, mental health and cognitive abilities, contributing significantly to your quality of life.

The NDIS aims to empower participants by providing them with support to promote independence, health, and well-being. Nutrition forms a significant part of this support system, acknowledging the importance of tailored nutritional interventions to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

How Nutrition may help NDIS participants

With individualised support, I help NDIS participants like you, achieve their capacity-building goals and enhance their health and wellbeing, to:

•         improve intake of a variety of nutritious foods relevant to your nutritional needs, personal preferences and specific health conditions,

•         reduce reliance on processed and sugary foods to feel more energised and balanced,

•         reduce weight, to be more active and feel more confident,

•         make healthier choices by swapping “this” for “that”,

•         understand the link between food and energy,

•         try out new recipes and stress-free cooking,

•         to create meal ideas.

As I provide nutritional support online we are able get together at times that suit you, which may be early evening or a Saturday morning – and although I am based in Brisbane, you can access this support no matter where you are located across Australia!

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