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Metabolic Balance Program

Want to look great and feel great, naturally?

Introducing the Metabolic Balance Program …
Your step to Health & Vitality

Uniquely tailored to you, your Metabolic Balance program (MB) Plan outlines the optimum foods for you,
how you should combine them and how much to eat, without the guesswork.

Based on YOU and a panel of blood tests taking into account your food preferences, main health issues
and current medications, your PERSONALISED NUTRITION PLAN matches your biochemistry with the right food chemistry,
restoring the right balance to your metabolism! That means letting those unnecessary kilos and old habits go
and taking off on a new path in life – being healthy, getting your mojo back and enjoying life.

As a women’s health nutritionist, I love that the Metabolic Balance program has a great track record having helped
over a million people just like you over the last 20+ years globally.

As your Metabolic Balance Coach and qualified Clinical Nutritionist,
I’m here to support and guide you through the 4 phases of this program:

Phase 1 – Cleansing

Initial 2-day preparation and cleansing phase as your body adjusts to the new way of eating. Only light meals are eaten; generally stacks of vegetables although you may prefer one of the fruit, rice or potato options. The additional colon cleansing supports the adjustment process. When the stomach and digestive tract are emptied, the body feeds itself from within, from the fat reserves (keto metabolism). Hunger is minimised.

Phase 2 – Detox

Strict conversion fat-free stage when you follow your personal food list for a minimum of 14 days until you are close to your health goals. It takes time for your body to detoxify and to adjust your metabolism to bring you into a healthy balance. Your personalised nutrition plan lists the fresh fruits and vegetables, right for your body, right now. The alkaline minerals bind acids and allow them to be removed. The foods in your plan are the ones that are beneficial to you, helping support detoxification. However, it is important that you comply with the Metabolic Balance program rules as closely as possible in this “strict” Phase 2. You may decide to stay longer in the DETOX phase, until you are closer to your goals.

Phase 3 – Achieve your Goal

Relaxed phase with additional foods added to your food list and the odd treat meal. Now it will get easier! No one can achieve a goal through constant restriction. Therefore, in Phase 3 you experiment with foods that are not on your list. In this way you can learn which foods you can eat again, without the old symptoms, such as bloating, heartburn, tiredness or headache. Of course, the “Treat Meals” are considered a highlight in phase 3. With these meals, you can relax the Metabolic Balance rules a bit and simply eat what takes your fancy.

Phase 4 – Live your Life

Health maintenance phase using your new-found knowledge for ongoing health. Your metabolism has reset, your weight is where you want it to be, you feel good, sleep well and your rejuvenated appearance gives you new self-confidence. Stay focused! Knowing what foods are right for you, you can make better dietary decisions. And when you feel you need a boost, you will always have your personalised Metabolic Balance program to go back to.

Take the first step to Health & Vitality

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What you get in the Metabolic Balance program:

  • Initial Appointment to get you started and set up on the program.
  • Referral for comprehensive blood tests to your local QML Lab in Queensland or alternative path lab elsewhere in Australia/New Zealand.
  • 6 further Appointments over the next 12 weeks.
  • Your Personalised Nutrition Plan at the first Appointment after the blood tests.
  • Coaching at each appointment to help keep you on track and review your progress and any other issues.
  • Nutritional starter pack PLUS a unique Flower Essence Remedy or Emotion Release Technique mini session.


With a naturopathic background, I had tried to lose some weight for quite some time without long term success! I hadn’t found a regime that was not only easy to follow and most importantly sustainable.

Around 4 months ago I was chatting with my good friend from my Natural Medicine days, Bev Dorgan. Bev shared her involvement with Metabolic Balance and gave me an outline of how it all worked. The concept of blood testing appealed to me as it not only provided an overall assessment of my health but also allowed a personalised regime to allow correction and fine tuning of my blood results.

With Bev’s regular online support (I’m based in Perth), I fell into the regime very easily! Alongside there were ideas from the Facebook MB recipe community page that gave me options with my personalised food list.

Keeping a record over 12 weeks of my food intake, body measurements and weight loss spurred me on with the frequent check-ins with Bev. I found that the program’s 2-day kickstart followed by 2 weeks of following the basic but quite easy 8 rules worked a treat! After that more food choices were provided and the weight loss continued and most importantly I didn’t feel deprived at all! Especially with the occasional “cheat meal”.

Now that I’ve lost 10kg, I more importantly have a healthy BMI, lots more energy and loving my new body! No more indigestion too! Wish I’d heard about MB a long time ago!

Strangely I continue to follow those basic rules …they are part of my life now! Still enjoying plenty of eating out and making good choices!

Take the next step

While I’m a women’s health nutritionist based on Brisbane’s southside, I provide online nutritionist consultations – meaning you can access support no matter where you are in Australia!.

So if you’re ready to RESET your BODY and IMPROVE the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE, then contact me here with your further questions.