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  • Asparagus and Golden Beetroot Salad

    Asparagus and Golden Beetroot Salad

    Love beetroots? Then check out our beetroot slaw or beetroot brownies.

  • Brussels Sprouts & Walnut Salad

    Brussels Sprouts & Walnut Salad

    Brussels Sprouts & Walnut Salad If like me your memories of Brussles Sprouts means overcooked, smelly little things then you’re going to really appreciate how much better they taste raw. This is a fantastic way to get super Brussels Sprouts into your diet without the risk of overcooking them. These mini-cabbages are high in liver-supporting compounds…

  • Zucchini Pizza

    Zucchini Pizza

    Zucchini Pizza Now that it’s Autumn in Queensland I fancy something different for lunch.  Something slightly warming and nourishing.  So today it’s zucchini pizza.  I get to put my favourite toppings on top of a healthy base.  It’s quick, easy and tasty.  In fact, it’s so easy that I won’t give you a list of ingredients. Dish…

  • Rosemary Beetroot Salad

    Rosemary Beetroot Salad

    Rosemary Beetroot Salad Do you get a bit bored of salads? Adding herbs such as rosemary to a beetroot salad gives your food much more than just extra flavours; herbs have been used for thousands of years for their potent healing qualities. The rosemary in this salad has been used medicinally to improve memory; it can also relieve muscle…

  • Sprouting sprouts!

    Sprouting sprouts!

    Sprouting sprouts. Want to eat healthier and grow your own food?  One of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways is by sprouting sprouts.  You won’t believe how easy it is. No fancy equipment or green fingers needed! SPROUTED CHICK-PEAS, GREEN LENTILS & MUNG BEANS– soak 2 tbsp of dry chick-peas and 1 tbsp each of lentils & mung…